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Special rates are available at Westmark Sitka - (800) 544-0970 (Toll Free) and Totem Square Hotel and Marina- (866) 300-1353 (Toll Free).

For B&Bs, please check with the Visit Sitka website.


Please visit this website for a list of Sitka restaurants with addresses and phone numbers

Things To Do

Visit the Visit Sitka website or Sitka Through Four Seasons at for ideas of what to do in Sitka.

Sitka Fine Arts Camp: The mission of Alaska Arts Southeast Inc., better known as the Sitka Fine Arts Camp, is to build community in Alaska by providing opportunities in arts, culture and recreation in an inclusive, educational and inspirational environment.

Sitka Sound Science Center: The Sitka Sound Science Center is dedicated to increasing understanding and awareness of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Alaska through education and research. Their vision is to build on Sitka’s legacy and potential as an educational and scientific community.

Sitka Maritime Heritage Society: SMHS is dedicated to preserving our region's rich maritime history and promoting knowledge of maritime heritage and skills. Their primary focus is the restoration of the historic Japonski Island Boathouse as a Maritime Heritage Center.

Sitka Historical Society: The SHS's mission is to preserve and promote the events, stories and artifacts of the human history of Sitka, as part of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America, to inspire, educate and benefit the public and future generations.

Harrigan Centennial Hall: Harrigan Centennial Hall, located oceanfront in downtown Sitka, Alaska is an 18,000 sq. ft. Civic, Convention, and Visitor Center.  Our facility is also located with a breathtaking view of nearby mountains.  In addition to offering free all-day parking; we are located conveniently close to downtown, hotel/motel accommodations, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Our facility is also home to the Sitka Summer Music Festival and the New Archangel Dancer.